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The Queen’s childhood toys to go on display later this year

29 April 2014

A new display, which includes a dolls’ house owned by The Queen, will open up at Buckingham Palace this summer.

It’s a collection of her childhood possessions – and those of other royals – spanning 250 years.

Among the earliest items to go on display later this year are a dolls house for George III’s daughters and dolls made by the young Princess Victoria, inspired by characters she had seen at the ballet or opera.

But there is also a stunning collection of Princess Elizabeth’s toys, including dolls, a wicker pram and pink tea set. Her early love of equestrianism is reflected in a pair of rocking horses, while a wicker pram she pushed around is also to go on show.

Highlights will also include the silver-gilt lily font used in baptism of Prince George and the silk-satin and lace christening robe he wore, as well as the velvet walking suits of the future King George V.

A wide range of toys, gifts and childhood outfits will be seen at the exhibition, Royal Childhood, when it opens.

Jubilee inspiration for dolls house competition

18 December 2012

Jubilee year provided the inspiration for Derek Westcott, from Kent, who created The Queen Bistro.

Dolls House Emporium competition 2012 Derek Westcott

While the Bistro is at the lower level, there's also a gallery on the mezzanine, housing some important-looking crown jewels and some rather regal furniture!

Also at basement level is a royal carriage, so who knows exactly who was visiting the day the photos were taken?!

Dolls House Emporium competition 2012 Derek Westcott

The model was made using The Corner Shop parts 1 and 2, and was one of the entries for the 2012 Dolls House Emporium Creative Competition.

Dolls House Emporium competition 2012 Derek Westcott

Dolls House Emporium competition 2012 Derek Westcott

Dolls House Emporium competition 2012 Derek Westcott

Lilliputs: Dolls' House Maker to the Queen!

12 November 2012

Erin Norman stumbled across a popular idea for her interpretation of The Corner Shop - and executed it perfectly!

Erin, who's a columnist for one of the UK miniatures mags, can turn her hand to many things mini - and knew exactly what she wanted to do with this particular blank canvass for the 2012 Creative Competition, built with assistance from her husband Matthew.

She said: "I wanted to make a world within a world - a dolls’ house shop! A shop that sold dolls’ houses!

"It seemed to be the project begging to be coming into being.  Naturally I thought the downstairs would be the shop display floor, and the upstairs the workroom.  This would give me two interestingly different rooms to design and build, showing lots of the different aspects of the wonderful parts of our hobby."

Dolls House Emporium creative competition

"I determined to set the shop in Manchester, 1900. My reasons for this was that I thought the exterior I chose suited a northern city; I wanted an Edwardian style but still under the reign of Queen Victoria.  The shop sign proudly proclaims 'Dolls’ House Makers to the Queen'.  Inside there is a bust of her, and on the wall a picture of two elegant young ladies who I believe are the Princesses who enjoyed dolls’ houses made by Lilliputs."

Dolls House Emporium creative competition

Dolls House Emporium creative competition

Erin added: "There are many handmade pieces in the shop, from the broom upstairs that was once a toothbrush, the rug in front of the upstairs fireplace, the table, workbench, and several of the 1/144 dolls houses from kits.  In fact there are far too many handmade items to list. "

Dolls House Emporium creative competition

Dolls House Emporium creative competition

"A note about the scene we have set up.  Downstairs in the shop, Miss Summers, the shop proprietor in the red dress is assisting a mother, Constance, help her daughter, Emily choose a dolls house for herself.

"While they are absorbed in this task Emily’s younger brother Jimmy has toddled off and become entangled in the rocking horse!  Any moment Constance will turn her head and see what he has got himself into and go and rescue him.

"Upstairs, Mr. Summers, Miss Summers father, is busy building the next house.  There are framed pictures of buildings in his workroom; clearly he has a love of architecture.  Downstairs are framed pictures of 17th century doll’s houses.  This family is passionate about their business."

Dolls House Emporium creative competition

Dolls House Emporium creative competition

Erin says: "On the side of the shop, sitting on a bench under the stairs sits Mr. Summers’ friend, Robert, reading the paper.  He’s waiting for his mate to finish working so they can get a beer together.

"Unfortunately Mr. Summers has a tendency to forget the time when he’s building a new house so Robert may be waiting some time."

Dolls House Emporium creative competition

- Paint pots on shelf in workroom are painted Fimo

- Books on shelf in workroom are cut from lengths of obeche and covered with different papers before being finished with pen for bindings and titles

- Flowerpots by Robert on the bench are old candle holders, painted and filled with a pva/coffee-ground mix for ‘soil’, which then had hand selected mixes of flower/plant decorations added.

Jubilee jubilation in miniature!

8 June 2012

Here at The Dolls House Emporium we've been lucky enough to be sent some photos of your hobby.It seems the Queen's Diamond Jubilee has proved inspirational for many, so we're sharing some of the good work.

Here's Mike Arnold's crown jewels display.

Dolls' house jubilee photo

And part of the Harrod's display in a cabinet on their 4th floor ... using DHE miniatures, of course!

Dolls' house jubilee photo

Heather Barnes made a mini-party for her mini-friends.
She says: "I love Dolls House things - but don't have many items (and have no houses at present) so I use what I do have - my Playmobil and Sylvanian toys, and what I can make. I enjoy creating a box to celebrate a special occasion.
"My 'room box' is a Jubilee display - a village hall with a mixture of homemade (food, bunting, flags, the big table, plates and napkins), Sylvanian Families (people and food), Playmobil (2 tables, plates/servers and food) and dolls house things (plates (Sue Ryder and a magazine freebie), 1 table and DHE red peppers (part 4378).
"I also use beads and buttons - the latter make good plates while the former are used in all sorts of ways...- cheese, tomatoes and sweets in this scene."
Jubilee party in miniatureJubilee party in miniature

Jackie Gilchrist put together a patriotic display:

‎Jackie Gilchrist's display

And last but not least, is Kim Hill's ‎"7 Lighthouse Road", ready for the Queen's Jubilee!

Jubilee dolls house street scene in miniature

Festoon your dolls' house with bunting for a mini-jubilee!

30 May 2012

So what are you planning to do to celebrate the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee? 

You may be attending a street party or any one of the other countless events up and down the country.

Perhaps you are thinking of dressing your dolls’ house with a little red, white and blue.

If you are doing anything to celebrate the Queen’s Jubilee on a dolls’ house sized scale, then please send photos to share with the rest of the DHE community.

After all, it’s not every day we get a chance to celebrate a monarch being on the throne for 60 years!!

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