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From kit to conclusion! A customer’s imagination

18 April 2013

Transforming a bare kit full of potential into a wonderfully-imagined scene is the name of the game for anyone with a little miniature know-how!

It’s amazing what can be achieved, as this property from Dolls House Emporium customer Juliet Ashmore demonstrates. Juliet has been working on her hobby with her daughters.

She’s brought ideas to fruition both inside and outside, and admits that her work has added a lot of character to her projects.

garden coming together

walk through the pergola to the gazebo

She has been transforming her two houses with a little help from Dolls House Emporium goodies – and a couple of our online tutorials. You can view a full tutorial or use some of these goodies to create your very own!

Dolls House Emporium creative assistant Louise has made an inventory of the top image here, in case you'd like to recreate it for yourself:

6044 Garden and pergola kit

Louise Louise

6045 Gazebo kit
2697 wire table & chair
8211 Flag stone paper
5845 red brick paper
8541 Grass sheet
7370 wooden door
3533 handle
9646 bricks
4406 trellis
2939 topiary bush
4904 round box bush
4905 monkey puzzle
4898 evergreen tree
4907 ornamental tree
6560 orange tree
3846 pond
6119 ducks
6400 wishing well
2951 statue
6138 Birds
6116 Bird bath
6768 bench
3939 large ivy
3565 red grapes
6556 ivy berries
6555 white ivy

Garden accessories

Miniature Gardening

See The Garden Pavilion transformed into a colourful beach shop!

15 June 2012

Here at Dolls' House HQ we were delighted to see our Garden Pavilion kit take shape in The Dolls' House Magazine as a wonderfully colourful beach shop.

The magazine's editor, Christiane Berridge, had been itching to get to work on the DHE small project for some time... and found a very good excuse in time for their July issue deadline.

The Garden Pavilion Kit was our Creative Competition build for 2011 but is clearly still providing inspiration for some imaginative projects.

Beach shop AKA The Garden Pavilion

Christiane said: "I don't always have time to make miniatures so it was really rewarding to take a break from my editorial duties to create this beach shop.

Beach shop in The Dolls House Magazine"Having received the surfboard, windsurfer, and beach gents as projects I needed a way to show them off.

"The Garden Pavilion kit from The Dolls House Emporium had come into the office a while ago and was just waiting to be made up - I had all the ingredients that I needed!

"With limited time to get it all together to meet our printing deadline I was pleased that the kit went together quickly and easily. With some additional props - the scooter from ELF Miniatures, and shop fittings from Delph Miniatures, deckchairs from Seaside Miniatures it was soon ready.

"We had hoped to actually take the shop and the camper van, featured on our cover from the Mini Model Shop, down to the beach for a real location shoot (with a picnic of course).

"But we just couldn't get a sunny day! So with some digital trickery we used a photograph that I had taken at West Wittering beach in West Sussex last summer."

The Garden Pavilion offers a wonderful starting point to decorate and dress however you wish

"We're thrilled with this issue - currently on sale, check out - though we are still hoping for another excuse for that day at the seaside!"

The Beach Shop which features in July's Dolls House Magazine

Track the progress of Sandra's Corner Shop dolls' house build!

2 May 2012

It is always fascinating to hear about people’s dolls’ house projects but few can be as inspirational as Sandra Morris’ story which she is turning into a blog called The Little Shop of Dolls.

Thirty years ago it was the DHE Classical doll's house kit, bought from the then fledgling company, which re-ignited her adult interest in all things miniature.

Who'd have thought that kit would set her on the path to earn her living making teeny tiny things to sell to other collectors?

Sandra, who is now suffering from MS, writes:
"To be honest, I wasn't planning on making another doll's house, but when I saw the new corner shop from Dolls House Emporium, which is forming the basis of their 2012 Creative Competition, I had a niggly naggly feeling that I should make one last building.
"I feel the need for one final 'swan song', and it is fitting that my very last build should be from the Dolls House Emporium."
To say that Sandra is a fan of the Dolls House Emporium is a bit of an understatement and her blog is littered with enthusiastic comments, even down to the packaging.
“I have to say, I do like good packaging, and DHE scores highly for theirs.  The boxes are sturdy and even have built-in carry handles, which is a great idea as the boxes are fairly large and quite heavy to move around.
"I haven't actually unpacked them, but managed to feel around inside to locate the printed instructions, which, like the packaging, are excellent.”
Needless to say, the kit hasn’t stayed in its packaging for very long and Sandra is already busily assembling her corner shop which, as the title of her blog reveals, she is aiming to turn into a little shop of dolls.

The ground floor will be the shop itself and the first floor the workroom of the dollmaker, for which she has already made and collected many items.

We wish Sandra every success in her project and we’re sure she will relish every little triumph and setback on her way to creating her swan song.

But let’s leave the last word to her from the moment her Corner House kit arrived:
“I will admit to having a peek inside each box... just in passing you understand.  There is even a bottle of wood glue included... how helpful is that?! But probably the best thing was the unmistakable aroma of new wood, which is to the doll's house maker what crack cocaine is to the drug addict...”
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