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An Italian garden diorama in miniature

23 May 2013

Do you remember Susanna Ventura's beautiful house and basement project we shared with you at the start of this year?

She's been very busy again and has sent The Dolls House Emporium some pictures of her two latest projects.

Susanna, from Voghera in the Province of Pavia, Italy, says: "I built the house and tools for the garden with pergola and little by little; I completed it with your wonderful accessories.

"After I added the gazebo and I decorated it for the marriage party of Claudia.

"My dream is to build a small village, for now I have a Victorian House with garden and gazebo, but gradually I will also other projects, the major difficulty is to find the space where we put them!"
Thank you for sharing Susanna - we'll keep an eye out for your work in the future!
miniature gazebo and pergola in 1:12 scale
miniature gazebo and pergola in 1:12 scale
miniature gazebo and pergola in 1:12 scale
miniature gazebo and pergola in 1:12 scale
miniature gazebo and pergola in 1:12 scale
miniature gazebo and pergola in 1:12 scale
miniature gazebo and pergola in 1:12 scale


miniature gazebo and pergola in 1:12 scale
miniature gazebo and pergola in 1:12 scale

From kit to conclusion! A customer’s imagination

18 April 2013

Transforming a bare kit full of potential into a wonderfully-imagined scene is the name of the game for anyone with a little miniature know-how!

It’s amazing what can be achieved, as this property from Dolls House Emporium customer Juliet Ashmore demonstrates. Juliet has been working on her hobby with her daughters.

She’s brought ideas to fruition both inside and outside, and admits that her work has added a lot of character to her projects.

garden coming together

walk through the pergola to the gazebo

She has been transforming her two houses with a little help from Dolls House Emporium goodies – and a couple of our online tutorials. You can view a full tutorial or use some of these goodies to create your very own!

Dolls House Emporium creative assistant Louise has made an inventory of the top image here, in case you'd like to recreate it for yourself:

6044 Garden and pergola kit

Louise Louise

6045 Gazebo kit
2697 wire table & chair
8211 Flag stone paper
5845 red brick paper
8541 Grass sheet
7370 wooden door
3533 handle
9646 bricks
4406 trellis
2939 topiary bush
4904 round box bush
4905 monkey puzzle
4898 evergreen tree
4907 ornamental tree
6560 orange tree
3846 pond
6119 ducks
6400 wishing well
2951 statue
6138 Birds
6116 Bird bath
6768 bench
3939 large ivy
3565 red grapes
6556 ivy berries
6555 white ivy

Garden accessories

Miniature Gardening

Decorating the gazebo: Part 2 by Little Sun and Sherpa

25 August 2010

While Sherpa was building the gazebo, I was dreaming of flowers and creating a beautiful place to rest after a long, hard day’s work!  Surfing the Internet gave me lots of inspiration and ideas about how to decorate the gazebo once it was completed.

The many flowers and plants surrounding the gazebo are made with Cerro porcelain.  Some of them were attached to the gazebo early on in the project, which is not always a good thing!  Sherpa did try working around them, but it wasn’t always easy when his sleeve kept getting caught on them – luckily the porcelain doesn’t break easily!

I wanted to put a square lawn under the gazebo, so we put it on eight pegs to raise it and added some stairs up to the entrance.  We took a piece of triplex, sized 49cm by 49cm, and put the grass on it leaving an open space in the middle, as grass can not grow underneath a gazebo!  We filled this space with tacky glue and old coffee to make it look like soil.

I then added a little bird house and the left over coffee stirrers Sherpa used for the gazebo roof made lovely shingles!  All of the furniture in the gazebo is made from wicker.  It took a while to learn how to do it and to find the best material to use, but it all worked out quite nicely – I’m particularly proud of the swing!

As the gazebo should be a tranquil place, I decided that there shouldn’t be too much light but thought a few oil lamps would be very peaceful.  The electric wires from the oil lamps have been hidden by the plants and flowers.  The sound of water is also very relaxing, so I added a little spring to the lawn outside the gazebo.  The base is made from the lid of a peanut butter jar and the sides of the lid have been disguised with the rest of the coffee stirrers.

Meanwhile, the number of flowers and plants on the outside of the gazebo is growing.  I do a lot of chatting online on the Duch Dollhouse Forum, where the ladies are always asking me to make more flowers – every flower is challenge but its so much fun I don’t mind!

The beautiful doll was made for me by Angelique Hoekstra and since I wanted it to be a Strawberry Gazebo, she dressed the doll in red and white.  There is also a strawberry knitted doll and strawberry china on the table to continue the theme.

We know that the gazebo will never be completely finished.  There are already 40 different plants and flowers surrounding it, but I’ll continue to add to them – I suppose that’s just the nature of the hobby!

Little Sun and Sherpa


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