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Hollywood’s $7m Fairy Castle Dolls’ House

27 August 2013

Hailing from the 1930s, an extraordinary dolls’ house brings us a slice of Hollywood glamour in the form of silent film star and life-long doll enthusiast Colleen Moore’s spectacular $7m Fairy Castle.

The work of around a hundred pairs of hands, The Independent reports on her 9ft-square castle, which now resides in the Museum of Science and Industry in Chicago.

The elaborate set boasts a treasure trove of replicas and furnishings, ranking among its adornments several miniature paintings with famous creators including Walt Disney as well as the smallest Bible ever written.

Colleen’s delight in her dream castle also blossomed into a valiant effort on behalf of the children of the United States, since she put it to work as a star attraction on tour raising money for children’s charities in most states’ major cities during the 1930s.

In 1949 it made its final journey to the museum, where it remains today a major attraction enjoyed by millions.

Conservation operations in the autumn will bring formerly concealed artefacts to the fore on full display.

The Fairy Castle stands as a magnificent testament to the feats which can be achieved by plenty of innovation, effort and, of course, imaginative passion for the creation of miniature worlds!

Life-sized dolls' house built at railway station

15 May 2013

A life-sized dolls' house has been constructed at New York's Grand Central Station by a store keen to promote its home décor range.

The Drum website - as well as showing photos - reveals that up to 4,000 products are showcased in the 1,600-square-foot building, which boasts a patio and lawn .

It was made from interlocking 4x8 panels fitted together in just 54 hours.

People are enciouraged to walk inside the house to feel and touch the contents. There's even a photo station to get the best angles for souvenir photos!

Find out more by tapping through...

There are more great images here.

A lady who thinks the world is too big

16 April 2013

Dollhouse artisan Collette Renfro has come under the spotlight in the CBS Chicago website.

Although it's a US-based story we thought it was nice to see our hobby featured on the telvision news!

Collette is well-known for making, building and selling miniature houses from her own store.

Tune into the CBS website to see the two-minute video report.

It might kick-start some inspiration of your own!

A dolls' house with a bomb shelter!

18 January 2013

An unusual 1960s tin dolls' house has been brought to our attention which is unusual in the way it reflects designs of the time.

It was designed at the height of the Cold War between the East and the West and as such includes an integral bomb shelter!

Hard to believe now that the world was at the brink of a potential third world war (or worse) and thank goodness the superpowers made the right choices.

Take a look at this house. It’s a Marx metal dolls' house, a Colonial Mansion which is up for sale on ebay in the States!

Can a dolls’ house be called art?

22 June 2012

It’s an intriguing question and one which American poet and performer Nada Gordon has tried to answer in her ‘ululations’ blog. 

Nada, it transpires, is also something of a dolls’ house enthusiast and is busy creating one of her own.

When someone asked her whether her dolls’ house was art, this was her reply:
“I don't know, it felt like sort of a loaded question. Isn't everything an artist does art if she says it is? And isn't it also problematic to assume that kitschy/marginalized/"women's” pursuits like dollhouses are in any way not art?
It’s all too easy to be patronising about a love of dolls’ houses, the implication that it is somehow childish and not at all a grown-up passion.

However, there are many fantastic dolls’ houses that are unquestionably works of art – Queen Mary’s dolls’ house for one, Titania’s Palace and Tara’s Palace – all of them magical creations.

Returning to Nada and her own dolls’ house, she writes:
“Is this art? All I know is that I'm putting a lot of myself and my time into it, it's full of emotions...”
And what more could you ask of any work of art?
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