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Creative Competition 2014 Winners!

6 November 2014

The Dolls House Emporium is delighted to announce the winners of the 2014 Creative Competition.  It has been a unique competition this year as we opened up the requirements to encompass the full range of small builds on offer and you sent in a great range of creative miniatures.

In traditional reverse order, in 3rd place was Viki McDonnell, from Greenock, with her  “Rowanberry Park Art Gallery & Studio”. Viki used the Retreat Kit to create this pretty entry, taking inspiration from “The Shanty Man” of Shetland.
0 12

In 2nd Place is Betty Melbourne from Chesterfield, with her take on Tolkien’s writing hut. Using the Summer House, Betty took inspiration from Tolkien’s own illustrations to create a hut suitable for the great writer.

9. View of inside from above
1. Back showing the central part of The  Elvenking's Gate
And finally in 1st place, Amanda Richardson, from Melbourne Australia. Amanda took the Summer House too and used it to create ‘Mushroom Liddy’s Treehouse’ which looks like it’s been taken straight from a fantasy film set! Amanda describes her thought process below

I have been a miniature/dollhouse enthusiast since I was quite young and recently my young niece has got me interested in the whole fairy garden craze and I have made a few things for her and I also started sculpting fairies out of polymer clay. I was trying to think of ways to combine the two when I saw your competition advertised on your website in June, it was the perfect opportunity to get creative and ideas of a fairy tree house started flooding in. I originally had an idea in my mind of how it would look but it changed dramatically right from the start because of the branches I could find. I had to work around the branches rather than build the tree around my idea of how I wanted it to look. The tree house was built for Ms Mushroom Liddy (my niece, Maya named her) who is the fairy who mixes all of the fairy dust and potions for all other fairies in the land. Unfortunately I ran out of time to sculpt Mushroom Liddy so we will say that she is currently out collecting magic plants and herbs for her potions. 


More images of the winners will be posted on The Dolls House Emporium blog over the next few weeks.




Creative Competition - Still Time to Enter!

25 July 2011

No need to panic! The Creative Competition 2011 doesn't close until the very end of August, 12 noon on August 31st to be precise! If you're still wondering what to do with your Garden Pavilion, perhaps some of the past winners show cased here on the blog can help inspire you.

What about the 2009 winner, Sherpa, with his fantastic Belize Beach Hut, made using the Summer House, chocolate box cardboard and real coffee!  There's also a host of entries you can view right here, just selected the 'creative competition' option on the right hand column and you'll be able to scroll through many wonderful entries, from Tanzanian huts to Moroccan Fantasies and Steam Punk Pubs!

More Creative Competition Entrants

2 October 2009

We still have more creative competition entrants to show you and will continue to bring you them throughout October (and possibly into November!).

As we've already mentioned the quality of the entrants this year was the highest we've ever had which means we are able to bring you some really wonderful ideas.

Stay tuned to see Santa's Surf Shack, a Grecian art gallery and a three story mouse house!

Feel inspired to make your own miniature marvel? The Summer House and other smaller dolls' house kits are available at The Dolls House Emporium.

Creative Competition 2009 – Armed Forces

23 September 2009

Our next competition entry comes from Jill Clay-Curwen and has a very personal story.

Here it is...

The hammock"As soon as I saw this property, I knew it would be perfect for my needs. Following the inspiration that urged me to do this project, which came from my sons own experiences, after doing his tour of duty in the Helmand province in Afghanistan two years ago, I decided to do “A Summer in Afghanistan” and enter it into the competition.

The interior & contents of the Summer House are “loosely based” on reality, as told to me by my son.  Although, he tells me the interior of mine, is more likely to match the more “posher huts” based at the Kandahar camp and not Lashka Gar, where my son was actually based.  I have also written a poem, that accompanies the Summer House entry.

A Summer in Afghanistan

Well Mum, I’m here, in Afghanistan.
And although the sun shines,  I’ve no time to tan,
All around me is desert, wooden huts and sand.
And if it weren’t for the Taliban, life could be quite grand.
However let me tell you, what happened today.
It’s a gentle reminder,we’re not here to play.
In my bed I was sleeping
And happily snoring
When a LOUD BANG came,
Could this be the warning?
I jumped out of my bed and then grabbed my gun
And as fast as I could I started to run.
I ran to the place where I knew I should be,
At the side of my companions,
My “new” family.
I arrived at my station, feeling all PROUD.
And called to my sergeant, shouting out loud,
“What’s going on? Are we under attack?"
My heartbeat was racing,
Sweat ran down my back.
All around me were people, looking at me.
I just wanted to scream
"Whats happening! Tell me!”
My brain felt numb, I was confused and asunder,
But boy I was relieved to hear,
it’s only the THUNDER.

It’s “light hearted” but with serious undertones and is a fact of reality, as this actually happened to my son during his first month out in theatre in the Helmand Province.

Hopefully it will help to give an insight into what our guys and gals are going through out in the East on a daily basis. I have enjoyed doing this project immensely and hope it will stand a chance, of being considered worthy of entry, for the DHE Summer House competition 2009."

[gallery link="file"]

Feel inspired to make your own miniature marvel? The Summer House and other smaller dolls' house kits are available at The Dolls House Emporium.

Creative Competition 2009 – Wild Wild West!

22 September 2009

Our creative competition entry displays carry on today with this charming wild west saloon, " Diamond Jack's Poker Parlour" from Viki McDonnell. 

Here's what she says about it.

"Inspiration came from seeing the Rocky Ridge saloon in your catalogue.  I decided to make a senior version but it eventually turned into a Poker Parlour rather than a saloon.

The hardest part for me was making doors that swung both ways but this was eventually achieved.  The bar was made out of a block of wood and stickers added for decoration.  Shelves were made out of empty shallow boxes.   Walk-ways were added on both sides of the building and floors covered with walnut strip and the roof shingled.

Photos of Buffalo Bill,  Wild Bill Hickock and Jersey Lily (Lily Langtry) acquired on the Net – as were posters.   Bar stock and spittoon purchased locally.  Gaming table home made.   Card table purchased and covered with green baize – cards home-made.

Costumes for barman and women’s temperance group home-made.   Horses stolen from grand-son’s toy box, painted and ‘dressed’."

I hope he's got his horses back now.

[gallery link="file"]

Feel inspired to make your own miniature marvel? The Summer House and other smaller dolls' house kits are available at The Dolls House Emporium.
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