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Miniature Gingerbread House wins creative competition 2013

17 September 2013

The Dolls House Emporium is very pleased to announce the winner of the Creative Competition 2013.

This stunning representation of a witch's Gingerbread House won us over - because, quite simply, it looked good enough to eat.

And yet there is no food featured here at all - every sweetie, biscuit and piece of icing has been lovingly crafted by its creator, Maddie Brindley, from Chesterfield.

She's featured on our blog before. remember her Hobbit Hole or Brambly Hedge projects? Well, we think she has equalled them with her interpretation of The Cabin.

Dolls House Emporium

Maddie's Gingerbread House

Maddie's Gingerbread House

It's mouth-watering stuff - and Maddie's reward is £650 in Dolls House Emporium vouchers to spend on a kit of her choice.

She says: "This is the first Miniature project I have done that started off with a kit – I wanted a short project to fill time (and save space!) and I saw the competition where you buy the MDF wood kit and use your imagination to turn it into something different.

"I thought this would be a perfect quick build house for me.

"My kids gave me the idea for the Gingerbread house as we were reading a book together ‘Night Time Tale’ and it has a witch’s house in it.

"The entire gingerbread shell is made from wood and cement and the food is all made from polymer clay and paint – not a single bit is edible, unfortunately!"

All the food is hand made out of Fimo/Sculpey or Preemo clay. Maddie used liquid fimo for the Gummy Bears and decorators caulk for the icing and cream. The marshmallows are made from extruded clay wound together and the lollipops are fimo clay rolled out and wound around each other.

Maddie with her winning creation

Maddie's Gingerbread House

Maddie's Gingerbread House

She made the witch by altering The Dolls House Emporium doll Rennie, the kitchen maid, into a witch.

"I dyed her dress, ripped and aged the apron and made her a new face out of fimo and scraps of wool for the hair left over from a knitting project!" she says.

Maddie's Gingerbread House

Maddie's Gingerbread House

Maddie's Gingerbread House

We particularly enjoyed the wriggly worms working their way across the dining table!

Maddie's Gingerbread House

Here at Dolls' House HQ we get witch's houses every year, as well as the occasional gingerbread house, but we hope you agree that the skill and attention to detail is second-to-none! In fact we thought Maddie has stuck genuine cookies, party rings and jelly bears to the side of her house.

You can easily see how the lush, bright and tempting exterior is at odds with the dark, spooky and fearsome interior... just right for tempting small children inside, in true fairy tale tradition!
Miniature Gingerbread House
 And here are a few more detail shots of the outside. Made to make your mouth water!

Miniature Gingerbread House

photo 3

photo 4

Stay tuned for news on the 2nd and 3rd placed entries: "Coming soon!"

Wow - what an amazing mouse house!

4 January 2013

Here’s a real dolls’ house treat – it’s Maddie’s Mouse House!

You may remember Maddie, from Chesterfield, who built the amazing Hobbit Hole a couple of years ago.

Her latest project is a Brambly Hedge inspired Dolls House, which took some 11 months to complete.

Maddie's Mouse House

Maddie's Mouse House

Maddie said: “When I was very little my Mum bought the Jill Barklem Brambly Hedge books for me and I loved them.

“I used to paint and draw pictures copied from the books and I had posters on my wall. I still have my original books.

“The whole thing is inspired by Crabapple Cottage drawn by Jill Barklem in her wonderful book Spring Story.

The frame and bark were completely hand made from scratch.

There are lots of handmade items. The mushrooms were made out of Fimo and each one is approximately 3mm across, so “very fiddly”, says Maddie.

Maddie's Mouse House

“I made the mouse by modifying a Dolls House Emporium doll – I took off the doll’s head and made a head and hands out of Fimo.

“I could not find a four poster bed to fit the bedrooms, so I custom made them from leftover wood from the ceiling beams.”

Maddie's Mouse House

Maddie's Mouse House

There's lots of information on how she made it and step by step guides on some of the technique involved at Maddies own blog.

And lots more pictures and details of her work are there too.

Maddie's Mouse House

Visit the green hills of the Shire !

1 October 2010

Whether you are a huge Hobbit fan or just intrigued by great craftsmanship, you're sure to enjoy viewing Maddie Chambers internationally-renowned Hobbit Hole dolls' house exclusively at our Ripley, Derbyshire shop from September until early December. These images show only a minute part of the overall display; it really is something wondrous to see in all its glory, and even includes the 'No Entry – Except on Party Business!' sign. Peer through the round doors and windows and see how Bilbo and Frodo really lived !

Shop details

Bilbo Baggins is in the building!

24 August 2010

This Monday, 30th August, Maddie Chambers’ magnificent Hobbit Hole dolls’ house will be unveiled at The Dolls House Emporium shop on High Holborn Road in Ripley, Derbyshire.

If you haven’t already seen the pictures, imagine Bilbo Baggins’ big, green, round front door; full larder for all of those second breakfasts; low ceilings and cosy rooms, just in 1:12th scale. All the details are there, from the authentic maps of Middle-earth to the “No admittance except on party business” sign on the gate!

The house will be on display until the end of November, so why not combine a trip to see Maddie’s masterpiece with a spot of early Christmas shopping?

A bit of Middle Earth Magic lands in Ripley!

11 June 2010

You’ve probably all already seen Maddie Chamber’s absolutely amazing miniature replica of Bilbo Baggin’s Hobbit Hole on our Collectors’ Blog.  Well, now we’re giving you the opportunity to see the magic of Middle Earth for yourself.

From September 2010, Maddie’s incredible creation will be on display at The Dolls House Emporium shop on High Holborn Road in Ripley, Derbyshire, for four months.  From the gate with the ‘No admittance except on party business’ sign and the authentic maps for Bilbo’s journey to Rivendale and the Misty Mountains, to the pantry with enough food for those second breakfasts, the Hobbit Hole is a perfect replica of Bilbo’s home in the Lord of the Rings film, released in 2001.

Dates will be confirmed very soon, so keep an eye on our blog for the latest news!  We look forward to seeing you all later this year!
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