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Putting the doll into La Dolce Vita

19 December 2011

You might remember seeing a blog in July about a wonderful dolls’ house, the Hard Rock Cafe, made by Gabriella Dall’Acqua who lives in Verona, Italy.  Gabriella has been a very busy lady and has created another amazing house which we’d also like to share with you.

The Lutyens House, named after the man who created the famous Queen Mary’s dolls’ house, is a design we produced some time ago (but is sadly no longer available).

Inspired by its high roofs and lots of chimneys, Gabriella decided to create a stoves and fireplaces shop crammed with wonderfully detailed, antique and contemporary stoves and fireplaces.

Over to Gabriella for a guided tour:
“The external area around the shop is equipped with a car parking place, where a Mini is parked, a grill barbeque, some green plants, a bike and two black street lights, both working.  Opening the front wall, you can have a look inside: on the ground floor there are four rooms and a staircase that connects to the first floor, where a central banister separates the main rooms.
Ground floor: the floor of the entrance room is made of black and beige triangle tiles. Inside you can find several stoves from Germany, Sweden and France, made of cast iron and other materials. Right in the middle, on a turning platform, there is a particular German stove with antique irons. The right wall is decorated with small stones.
In the room on the left there is a wall stone fireplace and an antique tapestry is hanging on it. Just in front I put a circular handmade sofa in rattan. In the room you can see three handmade stoves in terracotta, type “Becchi”. Here the floor is made of real terracotta tiles. From this room you have access to another little room in the back where there is a Tudor style fireplace with fitting furniture. On the right, there is another room with a nice floor made of brilliant glass tiles. Here on display are several cooking stoves, from antique to modern ones, with lot of accessories.
Upstairs is a further display of other fireplaces and stoves, most of which are one-of-a-kind pieces made by some craftsmen. In the room on the left hand side there is a couple of big green ceramic stoves together with other ones of different types, such as “Liberty”, “Thun”, “Struf”, and “Val di Non”. On the wood table there are some nice miniature stoves.
In the other room the right, the floor is made of pink marble tiles. Inside you can find a carpet, a small table in brass, a blue leather sofa, some bathroom stoves and a cast iron radiator. In the same room there are two fireplaces, one in pink marble and one made of wood. The whole lighting system is working and some stoves and fireplaces are connected to the lighting system to give the impression that they contain a real fire.”

Hard Rock Cafe by Gabriella Dall’Acqua – Verona, Italy

13 July 2011

Every now and then something very special comes along. Gabriella Dall'Acqua's interpretation of the Hard Rock Cafe is just such a thing. Using the Malibu Beach House kit, Gabriella has created a magnificent miniature tribute.

I wanted to create a miniature based on one the most legendary American restaurants/bars, the Hard Rock Cafè, a worldwide chain famous not only for the quality of its food, but also for the huge collections of rarities, previously owned by the greatest musicians, on display.

So far, there are 140 Hard Rock Cafes all over the world. The first one was founded in London in 1971. My aim was to reproduce as best as possible one of these locations. Inside you can find several objects owned by Elvis Presley, The Beatles, Freddy Mercury, Madonna, Elton John and other rock stars.

The main structure I used is the Malibu Beach House, bought at The Dolls House Emporium. Of course, I had to modify some walls, to move the stairs and to cut the floor of the first stage in order to be able to insert the light blue Cadillac, symbol of each Hard Rock Cafè.

The building is divided into 4 floors. Most of the external openings are made as sliding doors and they can be removed for a better view of the interiors.  Most floors are made of hundreds of single strips of wood and were fixed with infinite patience. The whole lighting circuit is working.

Ground floor: at the entrance you can see on two cubes a couple of famous rock stars’ guitars, the daily menu on an easel, some pictures of successful singers and a nice juke-box with working lights. On the left hand side there is the bar: the desk was made cutting half a real guitar. The barman is serving drinks to a couple of clients sitting on some stools. Over them is hanging a light blue Cadillac, symbol of each Hard Rock Cafè. In the corner there are some other tables and benches with other customers having a snack. On the right hand side there is the restaurant, crowded with young people having dinner. All tables are covered with typical white-red tablecloths and are full of dishes and drinks. All foods are handmade by me in Cernit. Behind the tables there is a piece of furniture full of supplies ready to be used to prepare the tables.

First floor. On the right hand side there is another restaurant area. Right in the middle of the building there is a marvellous red Harley Davidson. On the left, there is a balcony, from where you can have a look at the hanging Cadillac. On the wall you can see several pictures, some “gold records”, guitars and a video wall.

Upstairs, on the Second floor, you arrive in a small lounge area, where a young couple are sitting on a dark sofa. In the middle there is a special room with a little table and two wardrobes containing some dresses owned by famous artists, including the famous Madonna’s corset (made by me). In the central room you can see a big xylophone, while on the left some instruments such as guitars, a drum and a piano are on display.

 The Top floor is equipped with the bright and efficient kitchen, where the chef is preparing the numerous ordered dishes. The kitchen is full of accessories and the floor is made of real terracotta tiles. Outside on the roof terrace, there is the bathroom with real ceramic walls, real ceramic sanitary fittings and with some Elvis pictures hanging on the walls. The external walls of the bathroom are full of autographs of famous rock stars and their fans.

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