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Hazel's houses look great in miniature!

22 January 2013

Here's a short tale about a miniatures addict and her work!

Hazel Wood, from Kent, started out with The Classical Dolls’ House kit around ten years ago. Her daughter has one too, and while she used the Georgian era, Hazel stuck with this century.

She says in her letter to The Dolls House Emporium: "I then fell in love with a much larger dolls’ house which I have decorated in the Regency era.

"My next house is roughly the same size and this time I have used the Edwardian era, the middle floor being the flat and basement is now the tea room and shop.

"My latest project was the little village hall/church used for the creative competition and as you can see from the picture I have added a chancel and bell tower to the original kit.

"I have over 30 dolls in the houses. I buy cheaper ones and re-dress them.

"At the moment I am starting a throne room using the crowns sold in your catalogues. I must curb buying more houses as my craft room is rather crowded!"

The exterior shot below is her Edwardian mansion.

The interiors are from her Regency House, while the church is her interpretation of The Village Hall kit!

Hazel Wood dolls' house

Hazel Wood dolls' house

Hazel Wood dolls' house

Hazel Wood dolls' house

Dolls' house inspiration came from Edwardian museum

28 December 2012

When Janet Boorman was looking for inspiration for the Dolls House Emporium's 2012 Creative Competition, she needed look no further than Blists Hill open air museum near Telford.

Janet, from Staffordshire, recreated an Edwardian dolls' house shop based on her trip out.

Janet Boorman, The Corner Shop, Edwardian Dolls' House Shop

She said: "They had recreations of life as it used to be before the Great War.

"I have tried to make the shop as authentic of the time as is possible in the style of the building and the colours used for the decorations."

Janet Boorman, The Corner Shop, Edwardian Dolls' House Shop

Janet Boorman, The Corner Shop, Edwardian Dolls' House Shop

"I enjoy making dolls house food from polymer clay and made so much that I decided to open a shop.

"All of the food in here has been made by me,. I have also filled jars and made packets from card and paper.

"This was a time when packaged goods were beginning to come into greater circulation, so i have tried to recreate packets as they were then. Many things were also sold by weight in different coloured bags, blue for sugar, white for flour and yellow for dried fruit."

Janet Boorman, The Corner Shop, Edwardian Dolls' House Shop

Janet Boorman, The Corner Shop, Edwardian Dolls' House Shop

"Most shops at the time were general stores that sold everything. This shop sells groceries, in the form of pre-packed goods and bottles, fruit and veg, meat and fish, cheese, eggs and things like candles, matches and soap.

"The wife of the owner has opened a bakery on the top floor."

A six-sided dolls' house!

28 November 2012

It's always interesting to see what people do with more unusually-shaped dolls' houses.

Shelagh Mallandaine, from Guernsey, turned The Toll House into an Edwardian art studio and fine furnishings shop, packing a real variety of furniture and fun into what is actually quite a small space!

She says: "I have recently redecorated my little, six-sided house that I bought from you a few years ago and thought you might like to see it. It is now an Edwardian Art Studio upstairs with a Fine Furnishings Shop downstairs.

Six-sided dolls' house in Guernsey

Shelagh added: "I am particularly pleased with the upstairs flooring, my tip for a good finish when fitting floor boards is to keep a small jar of clean, fine sawdust from sawing small pieces of wood, to fill in any small gaps between boards.

"Use a fine brush to dab some PVA glue into the gap, then fill with the fine sawdust. Once it has dried, if it is a little proud of the gap it can be gently sanded down then the whole area can be varnished and the gap will not show.

"Most of the sawdust that I kept came from sawing the wood for the picture frames."

Six-sided dolls' house in Guernsey

Six-sided dolls' house in Guernsey

Have YOU done a great redecoration job on an existing dolls' house? Send us the pictures of your transformation to

Another dolls’ house project from a DHE fan

1 June 2012

Miniature Marvels’ is the name of a dolls’ house enthusiast’s blog in which she details the progress of her miniature projects. 

A mother of two school-age children, Diane explains:
“I began writing this blog as a way to record the progress of renovating an old classical dolls house which I built from a Dolls House Emporium kit about 25 years ago. It has now evolved into a blog about my attempts to build another 4 dolls house kits and the items I buy and make to fill them.”
Among Diane’s current projects is a DHE house she bought on eBay and is now planning to turn into an Edwardian tea room.

As her blog reveals, she has already been stocking up on Edwardian-themed items from the DHE website.

At the same time, she is decorating her Magpies and Jenny Wren’s kit with plans to turn the latter into a hairdresser’s salon and the former into a modern tea room to complement her Edwardian one.

As if Diane isn’t busy enough with her projects and raising two children, she also has a small animal boarding business which she runs from her own home.

Last year she managed to marry two of her loves when she created a miniature version of her boarding business out of our Garden Pavilion as her entry for the 2011 Creative Competition.

You can follow Diane’s progress on her blog and don’t forget to share your own ideas and experiences with fellow enthusiasts on the DHE Forum.

Looking for a cleaner for your dolls’ house?

3 May 2012

Creating dolls with lots of character is the speciality of Robin Britton from Coombe Crafts and Fag Ash Lil’ is one of her most delightful and amusing creations. 

With her pinafore, head scarf and half-smoked cigarette dangling from her lip, Fag Ash Lil’ is very much in the mould of Coronation Street’s Hilda Ogden.

Working in a range of scales, from 1:12th to 1:48th, Robin has created a range of characters, from Edwardian ladies to vicars and butchers, which she sculpts in polymer clay.

You can see work on her Coombe Crafts website and her blog is interesting too as she writes about her work and life in Thame, Oxfordshire.

Her creations form an impressive body of work and Fag Ash Lil’ in particular is a truly memorable character.
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