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Gardening Miniature Delights

8 April 2015

The sun is shining and we hope you’re all enjoying some time in it. Remember that you can spread a little green around your dolls’ house and miniature world too!

If you have space why not add one of the Gardens to your dolls’ house? Use a gazebo, pergola, conservatory or green house to add interest and begin building your own green paradise.

We also have a wide choice of accessories from flowers, to moss, to scenic water and even a few feathery friends to add interest!

Greenhouse Conservatory, Fully Painted (no glue)

Conservatory - White

A Modern Kitchen Cameo Inspiration!

9 March 2015

If you're looking for a little inspiration for your dolls' house kitchen and are after a modern scheme, we hope the following images might help you! Our stylist whipped this up using some of your favourite pieces and a few you might not thought of using.
The first couple of images show how we work through a few set ups before we settle on the end result. It can take some time to figure out which layout works best in a space, dolls' houses are no different than "real" houses in that respect!

Excellent Exteriors!

7 January 2015

The exterior of your dolls' house is often the thing you look at most once it's on display, so it makes sense to invest in time and the appearance of it. Whether you have a perfect period piece, a more contemporary style or something eclectic, the exterior of your dolls' house can be dressed to match.

From door furniture to real brick compound finishes you can achieve an extremely detailed final result.

This delightful lion door knocker would look super on the front of a Georgian manor or you could put it on your modern home as a 'reproduction' piece. Moving up the house, chimney pots in the traditional terracotta finish inspire images of Bert jumping over roof tops in Mary Poppins and on a dolls' house they give a realistic 'topping off' to your miniature home.

Item DIY662 - Terracotta Chimney Pots Item DIY662 - Terracotta Chimney Pots

Item DIY66 - 'Antique' Lion Head Door Knocker Item DIY66 - 'Antique' Lion Head Door Knocker

For your front panels, the brick compounds and stencils are unbeatable. Paint your panels in a suitable shade for your mortar first, then mix up the compound and use the stencils to apply the compound in a regimented pattern, once it all dries you'll have panels which look like they've actually been built with miniature bricks!

How to ...

19 December 2014

Did you know that there are a great bank of 'How to' blogs for your dolls' house right here on The Dolls House Emporium blog?

If you've still got a few Christmas cards to produce why not try the Christmas Card 'How To'?  Or what about creating something new from something old such as this Drawer Respray 'How To' and once you've master the technique you can use it on any piece in your collection that needs a revamp or on the Bare Essentials for a new piece!

There is really no end to the creativity ou can enjoy and the skills you can develop just through this rewarding hobby.

Halloween Spooks, Ghouls and Zombies!

17 October 2014

You may notice that here at Dolls' House HQ, we are rathe keen on Halloween. In the past we've done fancy dress at work, apple bobbing, trick or treating and much more and that's just the full-scale people! The mini-people also get up to all sorts and offer lots of inspiration to create you're very own Halloween in mini. Read on for hints and tips to get your ghoulish side going this Halloween!

There are so  many international traditions you can pull on for creating your Halloween in miniature. Perhaps you’ll go for a Mexican flavour and dress a doll to represent the  Día de Muertos – Day of the Dead, or will you go all-out-North-American with open fancy dress, candy corn and pumpkins galore? If you want to stay on the UK shores you could show candles lit in every room (try the battery operated lights!) and ‘Soul cakes’ waiting to be eaten by the family on All Souls Day.

Why not draw from literature and recreate Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein with a laboratory based in a conservatory and use some finishing products to fill the test tubes?

There are so many interesting ways to create a Halloween scene we’re sure you’ll enjoy the miniatures we’ve got to help you, coffins, scythes, brooms and gargoyles, there’s plenty to chose from!

Pumpkins and Gargoyles! Pumpkins and Gargoyles!
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