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Fluff and Fur

19 March 2015

No home is complete without the warmth from a pet and the same is true of your dolls' house too!

Conventional pets such as cats, dogs and goldfish are easy to place in a mini-setting, perhaps your dolls have more exotic tastes though, what about collecting a few exotic birds? Timothy The Macaw Parrot with his beautiful feathers will add colour, Saffron the Canary Bird s a delicate and pretty little canary (though we're not sure she actually sings sadly) or will Bobby the Blue Budgerigar Bird tickle your fancy?

If you have a miniature small holding add some Two Tiny Piglets , Two Furry Squirrels in the trees or Harriet, The Guinea Pig ! There are lots of furry and feathered friends to bring squeaks, grunts and chirps to your miniature home.

Saffron the Canary

Bobby the Budgie

Timothy the Macaw

New Modelcraft Tools!

17 March 2015

We have introduced a comprehensive range of tools to help you with your dolls' house projects and miniature makes, all available at Tools

From 2mm masking tape to drills and clamps you can now get it all in one place. Our absolute favourite gadget though is the very clever Spring loaded finger sander, available in 3 different sizes 10mm, 20mm and 40mm this little piece of kit is going to make those tricky pieces a joy to sand!

We've also got the great "Helping Hands Magnifying Glass" which has two clamps and a magnifying glass, allowing intricate fiddly work to be completed easily. The clamps and magnifying glass are all moveable and fitted with ball joints for precision work. The heavy weight base will prevent any unwanted tipping.

We will be adding more to this handy tool range so keep an eye out for that tool you’ve been lacking!

A Modern Kitchen Cameo Inspiration!

9 March 2015

If you're looking for a little inspiration for your dolls' house kitchen and are after a modern scheme, we hope the following images might help you! Our stylist whipped this up using some of your favourite pieces and a few you might not thought of using.
The first couple of images show how we work through a few set ups before we settle on the end result. It can take some time to figure out which layout works best in a space, dolls' houses are no different than "real" houses in that respect!

Excellent Exteriors!

7 January 2015

The exterior of your dolls' house is often the thing you look at most once it's on display, so it makes sense to invest in time and the appearance of it. Whether you have a perfect period piece, a more contemporary style or something eclectic, the exterior of your dolls' house can be dressed to match.

From door furniture to real brick compound finishes you can achieve an extremely detailed final result.

This delightful lion door knocker would look super on the front of a Georgian manor or you could put it on your modern home as a 'reproduction' piece. Moving up the house, chimney pots in the traditional terracotta finish inspire images of Bert jumping over roof tops in Mary Poppins and on a dolls' house they give a realistic 'topping off' to your miniature home.

Item DIY662 - Terracotta Chimney Pots Item DIY662 - Terracotta Chimney Pots

Item DIY66 - 'Antique' Lion Head Door Knocker Item DIY66 - 'Antique' Lion Head Door Knocker

For your front panels, the brick compounds and stencils are unbeatable. Paint your panels in a suitable shade for your mortar first, then mix up the compound and use the stencils to apply the compound in a regimented pattern, once it all dries you'll have panels which look like they've actually been built with miniature bricks!

3D Printed Miniatures!

6 January 2015

Technology and miniatures, specifically dolls' house miniatures, may not always go hand in hand but one octogenarian is certainly challenging that concept.

Jerome Morin, a spring chicken at 80 years old, used a 3D printer to create an entire miniature living room for his grandson for Christmas. Using a special design programme, Morin was able to accurately recreate the pieces and enjoy the process. There are a selection of images of the finished article available here. 

What would you design and print if there were no limits?
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